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Safety measures to be followed while using a garage door opener in Garage Door Repair Western Springs -

  • Garage doors are the biggest objects in your home and so the garage door opener used to open that door cannot be a toy
  • Always remember never stand or walk under a moving gate when it is being closed or opened
  • Keep children away from the door so that they do not get injured by the door. Statistics suggest that garage door injuries are serious and have proved to be fatal in some cases.
  • Always learn to use the emergency release of the gate so that you can use it at once when someone is in danger
  • Also keep or store the remote for garage door opener out of reach of children so that they do not play with that remote
  • The push button control which is placed on the wall should always be placed on higher part of the wall so that it remains out of reach of children and they would not be able to operate the door by themselves
  • Keep your children away from joints, springs, cables, rollers and other parts of the garage door to secure them from facing serious injuries

Few problems due to which garage door opener needs to be repaired or replaced

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  • Opener light blinking
  • Making noise while opening the garage gate
  • Opener remote not working
  • Control button on the wall not working
  • The garage door moves in upward motion instead of closing the gate

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